Swing Stock to Buy, December 15

The swing stock to follow: UGAZ

Buy UGA below 9.0. Take profit quickly, 3% or more in one or two days or hold for greater gains.

Trade Parameters

Resistance: 18.5

Support: 8.7 – 9.0

Current price: 9.34 (Dec 12, 2014)

Price swing range: 1.0 (+/- 0.5)

Buy: < 9.0

Sell: > 12.0 or hold for high price


4 Responses to Swing Stock to Buy, December 15

  1. quest says:

    3% is too conservative. buy @9, and sell @10 for next week. Next week should favor for ugaz, but the week after whether turn slight warm, not favor.

  2. kcancer says:

    Agree! 3% is conservative, but if you perform day trade and buy low sell high in the same day, it is possible to make 3% in one day.

    For now I favor the approach of accumulating UGAZ shares and hope that sometimes in the coming winter there is a big spike, for example, reaching 18 and sell with big gains!

  3. quest says:

    which is the underline of this chart, ngas? I don’t find it. The more reliable and trustable ETF is ung.

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